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SEC Gives Registered Investment Advisers More Time to Bring Themselves Into Compliance with the “Pay-to-Play” Ban on Third-Party Solicitation

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For more than two years, this blog has been covering the Securities and Exchange Commission’s foray into the world of pay-to-play regulation and the Commission’s attempt to implement federal pay-to-play restrictions for registered investment advisers. The latest chapter in this long and winding saga occurred earlier this month, when the SEC formally extended the compliance date for the third-party solicitation ban imposed by the recently-crafted amendments to Rule 206(4)-5 under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Taking Stock of The STOCK Act. . . . Wither “Political Intelligence”?

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Proponents of ethics reform and increased political transparency in Washington don’t often see reform proposals pass through Congress by overwhelming margins, and rarely does anyone bemoan an excess of “political intelligence” in Washington, but that’s exactly what happened on Capitol Hill this past week. While the reform community can’t quite be sure what version of reform will survive the ongoing tug of war between the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, it is clear that those trading on “inside political knowledge” are clearly in the transparency crosshairs.

Transparency Advocates Look to the SEC to Accomplish What Congress, The White House, and the IRS To-Date Have Not

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By Stefan Passantino & Ben Keane   It has been almost exactly 19 months since the Supreme Court handed down its controversial decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, but the plot continues to thicken as those favoring mandatory corporate disclosure of political activities look for a non-judicial fix to the ruling.    To date,… Continue Reading

MSRB Scrutinizes PACs and the Potential for Circumvention of Rule G-37

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Yesterday, the MSRB filed a proposed rule change with the SEC consisting of interpretive guidance in connection with Rule G-37 and the use of political action committees (“PACs”). The MSRB said it is reviewing the pay-to-play rules because recent consolidation in the financial industry has placed bond dealers under the control of banks, bank holding companies and other companies that have PACs.

No More Delay? SEC to Discuss Pay to Play on June 30

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After almost a year (and countless scandals with related enforcement actions later), it appears the SEC will issue its much loved, hated and debated pay-to-play rule. The SEC has announced the subject matter to be discussed at its open meeting on June 30, 2010: “The Commission will consider whether to adopt a new rule and… Continue Reading

SEC Warns Firms on Muni Pay-to-Play Rules

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The SEC has given notice that it intends to take a very active role with respect to pay-to-play issues in the securities markets. It recently issued a report warning firms that municipal securities rules prohibiting pay-to-play apply to affiliated financial professionals, not just a firm’s employees.
The SEC report was issued in connection with an Enforcement Division inquiry into whether JP Morgan Securities Inc. (JPMSI) violated MSRB Rule G-37.

Blue Ribbon Panel Proposal

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Amid the continued debate over the SEC’s proposed pay-to-play rules there are some proponents who argue that oversight of pay-to-play practices must reach beyond the agency’s current recommendations. So even while many commentators oppose the rules on grounds that they sweep too broadly and impair competition, (click here to read comment letters) the former head of the SEC,… Continue Reading

SEC Boots Kickbacks at Federal Level

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Amid the storm of pay-to-play scandals and as pay-to-play has become an increasingly hot-button state issue, the Securities Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) stepped in on August 3, 2009 to propose measures at the federal level intended to eliminate or at least curtail “pay-to-play” practices. The measures are aimed to regulate the practice of money managers… Continue Reading