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Honolulu Update: Cayetano in a Run-Off and Pay-to-Play Still an Issue

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Updating our last post, former HI Governor Ben Cayetano advanced to a run-off election in the race for Honolulu mayor over the weekend. His opponents, particularly the Hawaii Carpenters Union (operating under the nom de guerre Pacific Resource Partnership), continue to use then-Governor Cayetano’s veto of proposed pay-to-play legislation as a wedge issue.

Recently, the Pacific Resource Partnership has been circulating this petition against pay-to-play practices in general – and Cayetano in particular – to its followers.

All of this has caused the otherwise mild-mannered Cayetano to question the motivations of his accusers with this hard-hitting radio spot:


Stay tuned. The waters are not peaceful in “Mar Pacifico” and Election Day (November 6) is a long way off.