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State Pay to Play Laws Have Real, Revenue Threatening, Consequences

Posted in Compliance, New Jersey

    Like the nagging parent stressing the dangers of a hot stove, unappreciated Chief Compliance Officers and General Counsel everywhere have been on a pperpetual mission to warn fellow employees of the dangers inherent in mixing contribution activity and state procurement without proper oversight.  Such is the lot of the under-appreciated “Cost Center” compliance… Continue Reading

Rethinking Pay-to-Play Legislation

Posted in Illinois, New Jersey

We have previously used our little corner of “The Cloud” to blog about the unintended consequences that often present themselves when local governments respond to (already illegal) bribery scandals with increased pay-to-play legislation.

Dollars to Donuts…Federal and State Pay-to-Play Rules Make 2013 New Jersey Political Engagement a Veritable Minefield for Current and Prospective Government Contractors, Investment Advisers, Municipal Securities Professionals and Swap Dealers

Posted in New Jersey

While 2013 may be a quiet year on the federal election front, there will still be plenty of political noise made this fall in the Garden State as New Jersey’s state and local elections take center stage. The ardent politicos among our readers are probably disappointed that we won’t be seeing the “rising star” gubernatorial showdown… Continue Reading

Local Pay-to-Play Provision To Be Put Before the Voters In South Jersey, While DC Mayor Vincent Gray Makes A Push for New Pay-to-Play Rules in the Nation’s Capitol

Posted in District of Columbia, New Jersey

With Labor Day weekend at hand and the Republican and Democratic National Conventions upon us, much of the American electorate is finally beginning to tune back into politics and prepare themselves for what will certainly be a very interesting close to the 2012 campaign season. News regarding the race for The White House will certainly dominate… Continue Reading

Trenton Update #2 – Is It Getting Hot in Here…?

Posted in New Jersey

Following our coverage about Trenton Mayor Tony Mack’s unsuccessful efforts to countermand a pay-to-play bar imposed by his City Law Director, anonymous sources are leaking that Mayor Mack himself is now under Justice Department investigation for pay-to-play and election law disclosure violations.

Trenton Update (To the Tune of “Suspicious Minds”)

Posted in New Jersey

We brought Trenton to your attention here just a few days ago to highlight the potential pitfalls of “ban first, inquire later” pay-to-play enforcement. At the time, we observed that Trenton Mayor Tony Mack’s effort to rescind a pay-to-play ban was “procedurally murky”. The Trentonian apparently reported that “[t]here is no reason for the City of Trenton to continue with another embarrassing decision made by a city council that lacks backbone.”

“Pay-to-Play” Restrictions Debated in Newark: Unfair Advantage for Popular Mayor?

Posted in New Jersey

The recent “pay-to-play” proposals in Newark, NJ have been criticized by some public officials for a rather novel reason: they can’t pick up the phone and call Oprah for a contribution like their popular Mayor, Corey Booker, can. While the proposed legislation in Newark is in its infancy and is likely to change, it appears to be aimed at limiting contributions from local redevelopment companies.

NJ Governor Christie Proposes Sweeping Ethics Reform Package; Robust New “Pay-to-Play” Provisions On the Horizon

Posted in New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently announced an ambitious proposal to overhaul New Jersey’s ethics regulations The proposals by Christie, who campaigned vigorously on ethics reform, also contain several new “pay-to-play” regulations. An announcement from the Governor’s office announced three proposals which would directly address New Jersey’s current “pay-to-play” regime.

Does Everybody Do It?

Posted in New Jersey, New York

Recently, New York’s Attorney General filed legal pleadings rebutting the assertion that there is nothing inherently wrong with using political connections and favors to secure state contracts because “everybody does it”.

Pay-to-Play Laws Stifling Campaign Contributions in New Jersey

Posted in New Jersey

A new report issued by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) is being cited as evidence that New Jersey’s pay-to-play laws, which are undoubtedly amongst the most robust in the nation, are reducing the amount of money entering New Jersey politics.