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Is it Illegal “Pay-to-Play” for a Government Contractor or National Bank to Contribute to a Super PAC?

Posted in Citizens United, Compliance, Federal Contractors

A new complaint was filed with the Federal Election Commission yesterday alleging that Chevron USA violated campaign finance laws and corollary “federal pay-to-play” laws by contributing $2.5 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Super PAC tied by press reporting and former staffers to House Speaker Boehner.

Pay-to-Play Developments to Watch For in 2013: Is Federal Lobbyist Pay-to-Play on the Table?

Posted in Federal Government

In a post I wrote for the Politics, Law and Policy Blog, I noted that change is coming to Washington in the form of an anticipated overhaul of federal election and tax laws. You can read the whole post here but federal lobbyists – and those who employ them – should take particular note of an initiative launched this week by an organization known as “United Republic”.

Transparency Advocates Look to the SEC to Accomplish What Congress, The White House, and the IRS To-Date Have Not

Posted in Federal Government

By Stefan Passantino & Ben Keane   It has been almost exactly 19 months since the Supreme Court handed down its controversial decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, but the plot continues to thicken as those favoring mandatory corporate disclosure of political activities look for a non-judicial fix to the ruling.    To date,… Continue Reading

Pay-to-Play Disclosure For Government Contractors – UPDATE Strong Reactions and a Not-Too Transparent White House

Posted in Federal Government, Transparency

Our last post focused on the trial balloon being floated by the White House to impose corporate political disclosure obligations on government contractors. At the time of that post, all we had was a White House press secretary description. Subsequently, draft orders have been floating around the internet including here.

President Obama (Again) Looks to Impose a Form of Federal Pay-to-Play Disclosure on Federal Contractors

Posted in Federal Government, Transparency

Last year we reported that certain elements of the Executive Branch have been looking into ways to impose federal pay-to-play restrictions and disclosure requirements on those doing business with the federal government. Today, the White House confirmed that President Obama is strongly contemplating issuing an executive order designed to impose pay-to-play disclosures on federal contractors.

Congress “Paves the Way” for Pay-to-Play Regulation of Federal Highway Administration Procurement Practices

Posted in Federal Government

The House recently passed the “State Ethics Protection Act of 2010″ to avoid a growing concern that Federal Highway Administration procurement rules were in direct conflict with state-mandated pay-to-play laws. This can be viewed as a potential signal that Congress is getting closer to expanded pay-to-play regulation of its own.